iceland : blue lagoon

On our third day in Iceland, we took a bus out to the Blue Lagoon.  The majority of the ride to the lagoon was through the lava fields of Grindavík.  It was cloudy and the windows of the bus were too blurry to take photos, but all throughout the lava fields there were large cairns, which we later found out were used as navigation through the fields when on horseback.  It was snowing a bit when we pulled up to the Blue Lagoon and walked up to the entrance with our 5 other buss-mates.
The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s main attractions for a reason, it was so picturesque and relaxing.  Since we went on a weekday I don’t even think there were 20 people soaking in the waters.  We made our way around the entire pool, sat in the steam room and used the silica pots to smear our faces white.  I brought a water camera from home (good thing because they were going for $30 at the gift shop) and that provided a lot of fun.  Since the waters are so rich in minerals you just float around easily, just sort of crouching down in the water.  After a little over 2 hours (the recommended time for soaking) we decided to hit the road, and good thing too because as we were leaving a huge buss load of people showed up.
Just a note, if you are planning on visiting the Blue Lagoon, remember to use the algae conditioner in your hair before you head into the waters.  Jessica and I thought it was for after and as a result we had what we dubbed “Blue Lagoon hair” for the rest of the trip, meaning our hair was extra voluminous, way curly and super super crunchy weird tangle mess style.  Just a heads up!
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8 Responses to iceland : blue lagoon

  1. Laura says:

    Wow, this looks like an amazing place! These pictures are gorgeous – thanks for sharing your Icelandic experiences!

  2. Julie says:

    wow, so amazing!! It's difficult to reconcile the images of this lovely heated natural spring with the chilly winter in Iceland. gorgeous photos.

  3. auxpetitsoiseaux says:

    My hair looked horrible after our visit to the Lagoon…but I really didn't care since I was so calm and relax 🙂

  4. anabela / fieldguided says:

    I WANT TO GO TO THERE and swim in milky blue water.

  5. Natasha Jane says:

    Thanks for sharing these photos from your trip. They are all so pretty!

  6. sarah says:

    just in awe. over these photos. can't get enough!

  7. kenzie says:

    even if you put the conditioner in first, you still get blue lagoon hair! Mine was totally stiff, but a couple shampoos got it out. I loved the blue lagoon, it was amazing.

  8. jen says:

    You all need to go there! For real!

    Kenzie – it seriously took about a week for my hair to go back to normal! totally worth it though, oh blue lagoon, i miss you

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