iceland : the ponies

We are back from Iceland and it was absolutely amazing.  We saw a lot more than ponies, but I am so in love with Icelandic horses that I am giving them their own post.  We found these ponies hanging out on the side of the road so Sveinn, our guide, pulled over so that we could meet them.  The are the funniest little stubby horses and are very friendly.  They had pretty large personalities, especially this white one whom our friends named Luluhorse after their white poodle, Lulu.  If you tried to pet any of the other ponies, Luluhorse would come over and let you know who you should be petting.  Additionally Luluhorse was the only one who would eat our flatbread, they seemed mad that we didn’t have any pony bread in our hands.
Now here are some pony facts straight from Sveinn.  Icelandic horses are a breed found only in Iceland, though they have been exported to other parts of the world and Icelandic people are especially proud of them.  In order to maintain a healthy population of this horse, there is a ban on importing horses and once an Icelandic pony leaves the island, it can never return, which seems so sad for the horse after meeting these buddies.
I’ll have more Iceland later this week, we’re getting our film photos developed tonight I believe so hopefully there are some good ones from Reykjavik and our Golden Circle tour!
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8 Responses to iceland : the ponies

  1. martha says:

    Can't wait to here more about your trip. And what lovelies these are!

  2. Julie says:

    Ooh, they are beautiful!! Sounds amazing. I'd love to go to Iceland one day, and your pictures are making me think it needs to be sooner rather than later!

  3. Rosanna says:

    Icelandic ponies were my favourite breed when i was a small horse obsessed kid 🙂 they have kind faces, if that is possible! x

  4. anabela / fieldguided says:

    They are so beautiful!!!

  5. Erica says:

    Hi pretty ponies! So cute! I can't wait to read more about your trip to Iceland. It's on my list of "MUST VISIT" places.

  6. Natasha Jane says:

    soooooooooo cute! I like your story too because when I saw the white horse I thought of my poodle mix doggy.

  7. Meg says:

    oh my gosh, those horses are breathtaking. I want to go to Iceland so badly, it looks so beautiful

  8. Suzanne says:

    Stunning photographs!

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