iceland voyage

Turf roofed farmhouse in the mist

fog at Jökulsárlón

Exciting news here…we’re headed to Iceland in January!!  We were talking about it with some of our friends and decided it would be the ultimate winter vacation from Chicago, the land of never ending winter.  We’ll be flying from Chicago to NYC to Reykjavik and staying at this cozy little apartment, which is apparently run by a sweet man named Svenni (at least that’s what the reviews tell us!)  We’re excited about the Icelandic sweaters (lopi anyone?!), icebergs, puffin sightings, buried sea meats, northern lights, magical blue lagoons and much more.  I cannot wait.  I’m also hoping to get a super long layover in NYC so I can go to Muij and stock up on my favorite pens.  I know, I know that’s a really expensive cab ride to get some pens right?!  They’re so worth it.

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9 Responses to iceland voyage

  1. martha says:

    oh wow! How incredibly fun!

  2. The Sweatshop of Love says:

    OOHH!! That is so excited. I was THISCLOSE to going a couple years ago when their market was crumbling and it was super cheap but never pulled the trigger. Please post lots! I want to see it!

  3. Unfurled says:

    I am so jealous. Someday… And by the way I'll be in NYC over Christmas. Can send pens, if you'd like….

  4. Rosanna says:

    I am dying to go to Iceland! Seeing the Northern Lights is something I have wanted to do forever! I can't wait to see your pictures 🙂 xxx

  5. Julie says:

    Amazing!!! that's definitely one of my dream destinations one day. Congrats!

  6. Claudia says:

    Iceland is so wonderful. We had such a good time when we went there 2 years ago. I might go back with the baby in two years and rent a cottage for a week. Is it your first time there?

  7. jen says:

    I'm so pumped, and we got an amazing deal on the flight and the apartment so we couldn't ask for more!

    Holly – I may take you up on that offer…

    Claudia – Anything we must do? We're sort of sad we're not staying in one of those grass houses, whatever they're called.

  8. auxpetitsoiseaux says:

    The thing with Iceland, just standing on the sidewalk is cool!!! I honestly loved everything except the $$$ but whatever…maybe it is not that bad after the crisis.

    I would kill to be at the Blue Lagoon right now (my back hurts). This is the first thing that we did as soon as we got there. We went to the main museums in the city and they were all great.

    Oh, and if you want to see something strange-funny, there is a volcano show. The film is "whatever" but the owner is freaky (like an attraction just talking to the tourists).

    Like most tourists we did the Golden Circle Tour and it was great. After that, it is nice just to rent a cottage and relax in the country. You have more time to see the horses, walk on the beach, take cool pictures of old houses…you know…as Dan said it "old people stuff" 😉

    However, you must do a little planning since you are going in winter. Make sure that what you see is open and that you have enough day light to enjoy what you what to do…especially in the country. And I think that puffins are a little shy in winter (they don't live in group during cold season…but I'm not a puffin expert)?

  9. evie says:

    I'm so jealous/excited for you. Yay for choosing somewhere totally unexpected for a holiday. I think it will be cold but totally amazing. I love these shots, can't wait to see your photos when you're back!

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