happy thanksgiving!

h a p p y * t h a n k s g i v i n g
It’s getting pretty cold here, so basically all I want to do now is hibernate, drink tea, knit and make things out of flannel and wool.  I’ve been searching for some flannel to try out on a few burdastyle patterns, but so far I am finding only horrible plaids or colors! Where is the secret internet source of flannel for home sewing? Seriously I am at a loss.  I found a few cute ones at mood that I might order swatches for but really people, why is it so much easier/cheaper to find silk?! Oh wow, I really didn’t mean to turn my Thanksgiving post into a crazy flannel post, so lets backtrack here…
We celebrated Davesgiving a few weeks ago with my parents, so we’re spending Thanksgiving with friends.  Davesgiving is the pre-Thanksgiving holiday where your brother-in-law is in town and really wants to eat a Thanksgiving feast since he lives in Canada and missed Canadian Thanksgiving + he would be the lone man in Victoria celebrating tomorrow.  Plus who wants to roast a turkey for one.  Anyway, the morning holds Thanksgiving brunch Mexican style with my parents (Luke is cooking, hence the Mexican style) and then the big feast.  I need to make both gluten free bread and pie before the feast at 330, so hopefully by the time this publishes I’m well on my way.  (I am scheduling this post the night before so pardon any tense lapses, it’s hard to keep straight!)
In conclusion…if you’re in America, enjoy your feast, and if you know where to find good flannel, fill me in!
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2 Responses to happy thanksgiving!

  1. Julie says:

    what a lovely, cozy mood board!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. auxpetitsoiseaux says:

    super nice kit!
    I would love those socks 🙂
    but not the dog…we already have one and we are babysitting another one for 24hrs!!!

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