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Utter sadness.  I was speechless when I pulled my favorite mittens out of my mitten storage*, put them on and realized that they had become a midsummers snack to some thoughtless moths.  I actually thought I might cry!  Now I … Continue reading

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Knitted Garments

evening hike mitts

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post thanksgiving post

  Thanksgiving was pretty great.  It was my first gluten free thanksgiving which included a vast array of gluten free flours (sort of crazy) and a beagle.  My parents stopped by for brunch and the dog show and brought my … Continue reading

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Journal Entry

happy thanksgiving!

h a p p y * t h a n k s g i v i n g It’s getting pretty cold here, so basically all I want to do now is hibernate, drink tea, knit and make things out … Continue reading

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Sewn Garments

a knit blazer

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Sewn Other

doll party

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Progress Report

in the works

  a doll for an upcoming baby. mitten gloves for an upcoming winter.

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