a new recipe box


A few weeks ago I was the lucky recipient of a Rifle Paper Co. Heirloom Recipe Box. It was a gift from my sister for making her wedding dress, and it’s probably the best recipe box in the world. My grandma used to write her recipes on small index cards, and my mom sort of does as well, but every time I try I can never fit all the info on that tiny little card! This card does the trick as well as providing a super organized little space for everything, and don’t I love to over organize. 

This may look like just a simple photo of a recipe card box on a table, and it totally should have been just that, but someone had other plans and that someone would be Roamy. That cat is insane, for real. I have 3 pictures without her and maybe 20 with her in it? She would dive right into each shot just as the shutter was going off. Cats.




On an unrelated note, I just got back from the Chicago Fabric and Trim show where my Mom and I shared an elevator with Peach from project runway. My Mom was so excited, she made me say hi because she was too shy to, but Peach was a total sweetheart and made my Mom’s day!
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2 Responses to a new recipe box

  1. Rosanna says:

    That box is so lovely and perfect! x

  2. becka says:

    Aw, Roamy! I love this box so much, I've been lusting after them but know that I really need to wait to buy fun stuff like this until we're back in NZ, sigh.

    And, aw Peach!! I love her and love that she was cute and nice!

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