sadtiques + tiny meals

You guys, the saddest thing has happened to my favorite antique fair…it has died. Well I guess it’s not dead quite yet, but it seems like somebody is going to pull the plug soon. The Sandwich Antique Fair has been going on since I can remember and probably long before that, it was the best best best best thing ever. I have memories of my sister and I being dragged along rows and rows of antiques vendors, so hot and hungry by my parents. One of our favorite dad sayings happened at this fair, when my sister and I were complaining that we were hot, my dad said “well you two don’t drink enough water, if you were drinking enough water, you wouldn’t be hot. I’m not hot.” We always laughed at him for that, but upon growing up, I find it to be true. Come to think of it, we still laugh at him for that. Anyway I am rambling, you had to be approved to sell at this fair, no flea market junk, amazing finds only! But when we went last month, it was dismal. There were people selling flea market junk, shabby chic furniture and it was maybe 1/16 of it’s former size. There wasn’t even a proper hot dog vendor let alone a cart for my mom and I to get our ritual funnel cake on the way out. I was so sad that I literally cried, then got really crabby, then snapped at my dad, had to apologize since he was just trying to help me find a hot dog and I was being a creep, then maybe let a few more tears out. In short, it was dismal. I don’t even know if this post makes any sense, but I am so distraught over Sandwich that it is apparently hard for me to make a coherent post. The photo above is the best thing I found at the fair, some nobby little fungus growing out of a tree. Pretty sweet.

And to keep this post completely nonsensical, I thought I would share this little mini Le Creuset that Luke brought home for me one day. He’s down in Champaign 3 days a week again teaching, so that means lots of dinners for one. Luckily this is the perfect dinner for one and also luckily Luke is addicted to buying fresh Moz at the Italian wholesaler downstairs so I can melt it on top of little tiny Le Creuset meals. He’s a pretty cool dude.

[um…I did not proofread this post b/c it is so crazy, srry]
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2 Responses to sadtiques + tiny meals

  1. anabela / fieldguided says:

    Aw man, that totally sucks! I know a little about how you feel though. My favourite antiques mall closed a few years ago and I'm still so bummed about it.

  2. erica-knits says:

    Oh that sucks!! I totally understand your heartbreak.

    What doesn't suck is that adorable Le Creuset for one! So cute. Le Creuset is my dream cookware.

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