just when i said i was staying away…

approaching fall

Luke’s been sleeping all evening (pain medicines) so I’ve done some patternmaking, cleaned the fridge and then decided I was bored, so I decided to do a bit of polyvore. Here’s a little outfit I made up for summer into fall. This is the year that I finally buy these mocs, no more delaying!

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4 Responses to just when i said i was staying away…

  1. becka says:

    Oh maaaan, just read your last post. Poor guy! That sounds pretty rough. Haha, I've been doing some Polyvore today too, I'll share mine in a bit once it's finished and less preppy-fied. I love this look, and these mocs!!

  2. Julie says:

    polyvore is so addictive!! Love this outfit, it's perfect.

  3. cristalle says:

    Those ankle boots are so cute! I've been looking for something not quite wallaby, and these are PERFECT! I just found some (a different brown- not that same reddish color) on sale on shoes.com ("25sale" for an extra 25% off) and they came to $31.35… just to let you know! 😉

  4. jen says:

    becka – thanks for the well wishes, I was checkin' out your polyvore and you've got some gooood items on there!

    cristalle – thanks for the heads up, I'm going to check it out now!

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