cycling and accidents


Well things have been quiet here and will probably continue to be for a bit. Luke was involved in a cycling accident on Wednesday night with a rogue mountain biker on the lovely Prairie Path (as seen above.) The mountain biker was coming towards him and then at the last second lost control of his bike and plowed head on into Luke. The mountain biker, while not wearing a helmet, only sustained minor cuts to the head while Luke totalled his bike, ripped his brand new favorite jersey and last but definitely not least, seperated his shoulder (which is really gross, don’t google it, but if you’re interested click here for Luke’s take on the accident.). This is a very painful affair which requires lots of rest, an arm sling and very strong medicine. We have a date with an Orthopaedic doctor/surgeon Monday morning so we’re crossing our fingers his injury doesn’t require surgery. I’ll be back when things calm down and I’m not the only person around the house with two functioning arms, hopefully sooner rather than later!
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5 Responses to cycling and accidents

  1. Julie says:

    oh, that's awful!! I hope he heals quickly. 🙁

  2. anabela / fieldguided says:

    Oh no, that's terrible! It must have been very scary for him. When I broke my ankle and had to use crutches for months I was so bummed that I couldn't even carry a bowl of cereal to my kitchen table. I hope he heals up fast!

  3. Mary says:

    Oh, poor Luke! That sounds, and looks (yes, I looked) painful. Those wild ass rogue mtn bikers scare my horse, and cause havoc when they get going. I don't mind sharing trails with bikes, skiers etc but sometimes people need to slooooowwwww down.

    August 14, 2010 4:38 PM

  4. jen says:

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone! He's doing a bit better now, and we'll be feeling much better about everything after tomorrow's trip to the doctor.

  5. The Sweatshop of Love says:

    OMG! Bike accidents are the scariest. He is very lucky he has you to take care of him! And wear your helmets, people! Geez.

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