watery depths dress


I’ve been meaning to make some studio dresses for a while, but I just finally got around to starting on the project (oh, by studio dress I mean dresses I can wear in the studio, i.e. comfortable, cotton, cool, room to move). This is the first dress in the studio dress series, and I think it either looks like watery depths or clouds. I used the pattern I made from the chambray top I posted earlier with some changes and literally cut at rectangle of fabric for the skirt, attached a button band and popped on some buttons. The buttons are Lady Washington Pearls from the Mississippi River which I picked up at our favorite antique store in Monroe, WI and they have a nice weight to them that seems to keep the front of the dress in order. I’m hoping to find more fabric in the future to start on number 2, I finished this the night before we left for the cabin and I wore it almost the whole time. It’s not just for the studio, I have found it to be great for relaxing, drinks on the dock, dinners at old resort lodges and also for speed boating in old 70’s boats. Who knew?
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10 Responses to watery depths dress

  1. Natasha Jane says:

    It's sooo pretty, and definitely looks like it would be perfect for all kinds of occasions outside of the studio.

  2. becka says:

    what amazing fabric! Again, I'm in awe of your sewing abilities. I need to get better/not almost destroy my sewing machine with being impatient…

  3. simple things says:

    That fabric is amazing!

  4. well-crafted says:

    Looks so cute on you. And with your new shoes!!

  5. Meg says:

    I'm in love with floaty dresses like this right now. To me the fabric looks like the Smokey Mountains.

  6. jen says:

    Thanks everyone, I've definitely been wearing it way too much lately. I found the fabric at mood.com and man was I lucky to do so!

    Meg- It does totally look like the Smokey Mountains, or at least the 3 times I've seen them, I wish I had thought of that first!

  7. The Sweatshop of Love says:

    Too cute too cute! And much too cute to only wear in the studio for no one to admire so I'm glad it's seeing some more action. Great job!

  8. Zoe says:

    This is seriously nice! I can't believe you were planning on restricting it just to the studio, it's nicer than anything I own for sure. You are so creative, can't wait to see the next in the studio dress series x

  9. Meghan says:

    so beautiful! Where is the fabric from?

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