a few things

This is a bit late but I did a little guest blogging over on Bliss in a Teacup on Tuesday about summer in Chicago. Also, I decided that it was time for a little freshening up around here. I got tired of the plain arial or trebuchet or whatever it was font, just seemed a little boring after a while and I thought this was a bit more fun. Lets hope I don’t get tired of it too soon!


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3 Responses to a few things

  1. Julie says:

    I went over and read the guest post, it was fantastic!! Those French fries look amazing.

  2. auxpetitsoiseaux says:

    I really like your new…how do you call that???…the design on top of the page. It is so simple and cute and stylish at the same time! Perfect 🙂

  3. jen says:

    Thanks, the french fries are amazing, and huge!

    I think it's called the banner or the header or something, now that I think about it I'm not actually 100% sure, haha! Thanks though!

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