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This was supposed to be a WIP Wednesday post but Luke’s niece is in town so I’m just getting around to it today. Over the past week and weekend I’ve had to re-do our kitchen due to some pesky pests who wanted to live there. Now all our food is either kept in glass, tins or the refrigerator, at least until the threat has passed. I can’t lie though, I’ve dreamed of a pantry full of glass jars and perfectly organized foods. Yum.

We have a problem in our kitchen related to storage, the cabinet you see above is literally the only place we have to store food besides the refrigerator and storage for pots and pans is basically non-existent. Because of this we have a metal kitchen cart with the worlds hugest chopping block on top. While in theory this is great, the problem with this is that when you prepare food on top of the place you store your bakeware etc. crumbs are bound to trickle down and your clean things are no longer so clean.

So I decided on a kitchen cart cover (or a dress as Luke said) made of some sort of heavy material. I was originally thinking canvas but when I got to the fabric store and saw this ticking, I knew that canvas was no longer the best option.

So here’s the finished cover, it turned out quite nicely I think. Our friend Jon who is staying with us for a few weeks said we can also make some extra money doing puppet shows with it if we like. Haha. So true. I had some extra fabric that I felt like I couldn’t waste so I whipped up some cloth napkins out of the scraps. Those should come in handy since we only seem to remember to buy napkins or papertowels about 3 times a year.

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2 Responses to in the kitchen

  1. martha says:

    I keep planning to put everything in glass jars too, but so far I only have about 3 things in them – rice, oatmeal, and chocolate chips…

    Also, love the napkins and kitchen cart dress. We use cloth napkins and "unpaper" towels exclusively and I, for one, won't be going back to paper.

  2. The Sweatshop of Love says:

    I have to have everything in jars, too. When I run out of jars I put things in big cardboard oatmeal containers. My pantry looks nuts!

    Love the cart cover! It looks like all your stuff is living under a mini-Big Top, which is a sweet oxymoron.

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