taco time


Around here we eat a lot of tacos. And when I say a lot I mean we are snackin’ down tacos at least 4x a week. Some of that is lunch, and some of that is dinner but it is all good. Luke and I make most of our tacos at home, but we happen to live above Perez Restaurant, which is my favorite Mexican place in town, so we get tacos from there frequently as well. Tacos are my perfect meal b/c they are not unhealthy and they cost almost nothing. Rad. 

I know that most likely nobody cares about our taco obsession, but it’s all I’ve really got going on right now. I had 3 orders for Fayne tunics come in on the same day (funny how that happens) which coincided with me badly straining a muscle in my neck. Suffice it to say it was a slow going process and a painful one at that! I’m hoping to take a little break and head out of town for Memorial Day and give my neck a rest. Hopefully it stops popping + cracking every time I turn to the left soon!

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5 Responses to taco time

  1. Julie says:

    ooh, that looks SO delicious!! I love tacos.

  2. Karen says:

    😀 the thought of chilequiles at Perez has made me want to move back to chicago on more than one occasion.

    good to know they are still serving up deliciousness for the west loop.

  3. jen says:

    Oh man, their chilequiles are SO good, everything there is! I swear they also have the best horchata in town. Nothing like one of those on a hot Chicago day, my fav. summer treat!

  4. Zoe says:

    I care about your taco obsession! It may sound really trivial to many, but I really believe one of the main drawbacks of living in Europe is a lack of decent affordable Mexican food! Although I found a Mexican resturant here in bcn recently that makes the most amazing margaritas, they cost a pretty penny mind. Boo. I really need to get a bit DIY and crank out my own Mexican fayre. Hope your neck is feeling better. I'm pleased to hear your collection is doing well. All the best, zoe x

  5. jen says:

    Zoe you should definitely crank out your own! We make them super easy style, just a few ingredients that we mix up. They're super cheap and super delicious, though I admit we are very spoiled here in Chicago with our large Mexican population and the delicious food that comes with it!

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