[the photo is Robert + Frances Beeman’s wedding portrait]

Thursday I was out at my parent’s house doing some printing and I finally remembered to take this little strawberry clasp pin that my Grandma gave me before she died a few years ago. Before she married my Grandpa, she moved from Orion, IL to Los Angeles, CA and became a nurse. She had a lot of adventures out there in California; this pin was given to her by a family she worked for who was the president of some sort of west coast Coca-Cola operations. She also worked for Busby Berkeley as his mother, Gertrude Berkeley’s, nurse for a few years. My grandma eventually terminated that position after repeatedly turning Busby’s offer of marriage down (she wanted to marry a midwestern boy which she eventually did). She would go to the sets with Busby, which led to her meeting Mickey Rooney and him also asking her to marry him; she always thought that was hilarious.

I’m hoping to put a buttonhole in the lapel of my navy blue blazer tomorrow so that I can wear this little pin around. I can’t wait!
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