the ansco panda


This started out as a post about cameras I would like to own, but while researching photos of my number one pic, the Ansco Panda, I found one for a song in a (slightly damaged) box with a manual; it hardly looks like there’s a scratch on it. That is how this post turned from one about cameras I would like to one about a camera that will soon be flying my way from the very wide state of Ohio. Below are a few photos taken with Pandas.







[photos via here, here and here respectively]

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2 Responses to the ansco panda

  1. anabela / fieldguided says:

    Oh what a sweet little camera!

    And thanks for posting that kitty — it's dreamcats worthy!

  2. jen says:

    I was going to send in that little found kitty this evening but you beat me to it! Hopefully the panda takes a few alley cats and turns them into dreamcats.

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