through a forest a village

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I’ve been a bit absent from grainline lately, I’ve been totally swamped with work, hound and home. Tonight I am taking the evening off to straighten up the apartment and hopefully straighten up my life priorities. And to watch Coco Before Chanel. And maybe make some sort of honey sugar cookies. We’ll see if that happens.

I’ve also stopped reading basically since starting hound, so I’ve decided to try to read at least a little bit before bed every night. I’m hoping this, along with my new pledge to do something outside every day (walking to the grocery store doesn’t count), should help to de-stress me. I definitely need some de-stressing lately! Does anyone have any tried and tested de-stressing tips for me?

Oh, and I’ve also lost my camera battery charger so that makes it harder to come up with posts. Nobody likes a post with no photos. I remember unplugging the charger and putting it somewhere while thinking “oh this is a weird spot but I’ll remember I put it here.” Nope, I didn’t.

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3 Responses to through a forest a village

  1. becka says:

    I lose my camera charger all the time, and always imagine it's in places but really I've just made it up and I find it weeks later.

    I like your two goals! I used to be such a reader and I've been really struggling with that. I need just a quick, engaging book to get myself back in to it. Oh, and also to read a book before bed instead of take my laptop with me!

  2. jen says:

    Oh! And here I am in bed reading your comment on my computer, so bad! I decided I needed the same sort of book to get me back in to reading, so I went with The Botany of Desire. Though I've read it before I've had 5 or so years to forget what it says so I'm all good.

  3. mandiegirl says:

    Did you enjoy the movie? I was surprised that i like it as much as I did due to reading the subtitles, but I really enjoyed it.

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