sunday pork shoulder


Woah, is everyone checking out that pork shoulder grillin’ up there?!?! This is the doing of our friend Shane who invited a few of us over for his famous (if it wasn’t famous before, it is now) pork shoulder. So commited to the pork shoulder he is, that he awoke at 5am to get that thing started up right. The little thing on the grill that looks like a fry is really a piece of soaked applewood that he would periodically put into the grill for flavor points. Shane served this up in tacos with a homemade jalapeno syrup and homemade bbq sauce. Delish.



While the pork shoulder was cooking up, we were involved in an epic game of keep away with Shane’s boys. People were tackled, small boys clung to grown boy’s legs in an attempted tackles, allegiances were formed and promptly broken, many huddles were had and I was bodychecked by Luke mid-air and now have a huge bruise on my knee. All in all it was a good game, though we are quite unsure of the winners.



After lunch we walked across the street to the park and walked down to the lake.

All in all a perfect Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Julie says:

    ah, barbecue!! nothing beats that for a sunny-weather dinner.

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