spring and conceptual art look-a-likes and meat

My block has finally entered into full spring! Somehow I don’t remember all these flowers last spring, but I guess I was a lot busier with school and work and didn’t have as much time to walk around and check out the trees in the middle of Randolph Street.

Recently another meatpacking building was torn down across the street from us. I once found a whole pig leg on the sidewalk in front of this building. Just about all the food that comes into Chicago comes through my neighborhood, Randolph west to Fulton is mainly meat and produce wholesalers. Every day on my way to work I have to wait for the milk trucks to pull in and dodge streams of weird meat smelling juice on the sidewalk coming from the buildings. It’s funny that people keep buying up and tearing down these buildings. My boss just informed me that I can get produce at the place on the corner. I’d never realized because they’re open from maybe 5am to 4 and I’ve always been at work during that time. I’m hoping to check it out next week.

This really isn’t going anywhere, especially anywhere near the reason I took this photo. The side of this building reminds me of a Gordon Matta-Clark piece, and I love that.

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