oh summertime…

i miss you

…how I miss you and your evening sunset rooftop meals. I’m glad you’re on your way back to me. It seems like so long ago we were eating crepes on the roof, riding to the beach, having studio days with the windows wide open and the dirt of Chicago drifting in and coating everything….wait, I can live without that!

oh summertime 

Tomorrow the weather is forcasted for 82º so Luke and I have plans to ride our bikes over to Milk & Honey at 7am for an early morning tea (or coffee it you please) and some of their famous granola (Luke will probably get the salmon and lox) to get the day rollin’ in the right direction. Crepes with brie, granny smith apples and arugula salad are on the menu for dinner. That is, if we’re good and get our work done, if not it’s gruel for us.
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