Friday Luke and I headed up to Milwaukee for a little overnight adventure. Sometimes you just need to get out of town! For most of the trip I took photos with my 35mm Cannon so I have to wait for those photos, hopefully I can get some time Thursday to take those rolls in.


It was pretty windy and overcast on Saturday but I couldn’t resist a trip down to the lake. We decided to duck into the lobby of the Milwaukee Art Museum for some shelter before we headed back to the hotel. I’m so in love with this building, I always think that it looks as if a ship just docked (and I can’t get enough of ships and boats of all kinds) but Luke never can see it. I just looked it up right now though; it is supposed to reference sailboats among other things, so that is the official word.

Here’s Luke looking out one of the windows before we headed back into the cold.

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3 Responses to milwaukee

  1. J says:

    Looks beautiful even with the overcast sky.

  2. Just_Fee says:

    Lovely photos, looks like a cool movie set or somethng from Doctor Who. I can see the boat influence more on the second picture, the way a hull is sectioned into ribs, very interesting, would love to visit!

  3. becka says:

    What a fantastic building! I can see why you like going to visit!

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