mail time!

mail time!

Today Luke and I trekked down to the main Chicago post office to pick up a wonderful package from Becka. I’m so excited about everything in this photo…the jam has been opened and I am already plotting the perfect project for that yarn! Once I clean the rest of the house, I will be finding the perfect spot for the J and the wooden card. Thanks so much Becka!

mail time!

Here’s Roamy inspecting the card Becka sent, I’m not sure why, but Roamy is sort of obsessed with smelling this card. She’s definitely an odd sort of cat.

Luke and I are heading out on an overnight road trip, maybe to Milwaukee and our favorite cheese shop in Monroe, WI, but plans could change. If anybody is reading this Friday, than yea to me, my first scheduled post worked!

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2 Responses to mail time!

  1. Julie says:

    wow, what an awesome little package of happy things! that card (and your kitty) are just too cute.

  2. becka says:

    Hooray! I hope you guys are having a wonderful, cheese filled trip! Haha, I love that picture of Roamy and the card. Perhaps she can smell Ursula and they're destined to be kindred kitty spirits!

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