oh my

Yikes, where have I been? We’re getting slammed at work so I’ve had to work a lot of extra days plus I had the stomach flu that’s been going around (at least in Chicago) so the blog has been put on the backburner for a bit, but now it’s back! Promise promise!

Here’s what I’ve been up to besides work and being sick…I finished up the new bodice of the dress I showed a few posts back. I love this photo because I think all the chained bodice pieces look like a flag banner. Too bad my old, dying camera is making it look less spectacular than in real life. I really do need to start looking into a new camera.

a package

I also got the little cakes all boxed up and mailed to a little lady who will no doubt appreciate them the way they should be! Unlike me, who had them sitting in a little box on my dresser, these are the sort of things I loved as a kid.

I should be back sometime this weekend with a finished dress post. Until then…

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2 Responses to oh my

  1. becka says:

    I thought it was a flag banner! I'm looking forward to seeing the end product, I'm sure it will be lovely. Sorry to hear you're sick! Hopefully there will be a little package arriving soon to help speed the (mental) recovery!

  2. well-crafted says:

    Jen, the cakes have come on vacation with us! L loves them very much.

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