to the field museum we go

Today Luke and I decided to head down to the Field Museum mostly because I wanted to look at the minerals again. I can’t get enough of the Field Museum, and have been making trips there since I was a kid.

I have a few main favorite exhibits, the animals, plant world, the gem room and the mineral and meteor section. I seriously cannot get enough of these exhibits. I always want to check out the Native American exhibit, I haven’t been in since I was a kid, but I just get sucked into these sections.

After the Field Museum we stopped off at the MOCP to check out the exhibit, 50% Grey: Contemporary Czech Photography Reconsidered which we thought was a really great show, lots of beautiful images.

It was a grey day today, wet enough to chill you to the bones. Upon returning home, I had to crawl under the covers for an hour or so just to warm up with a pug and a kitty as additional heating pads.

I’ll be back Monday with my Blog it Foward inspiration post! See you then.

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