team buttercream

The ravelympics start tonight! I have decided to attempt to finish this beast by the end of the games, and good riddance to it! I started it 3 1/2 years ago when I moved in with Luke and it’s had a few stalls. The first came when we moved a bunch of Heinecken pieces into our back room, and amid all the boxes Luke accidentally packed up my box of yarn as well; this set me back about 6 or 7 months. Upon finding the yarn, I was further set back by being in school full time and working full time, not a good recipe for free time knitting. Good thing that’s over!

Now I have 2 weeks to finish this vest-o, which may or may not still fit. I’m knitting for Team Buttercream, started by the amazingly talented and super fast knitter Julie at Knitted Bliss, and full of super awesome ladies. So without further ado…

B U T T E R C R E A M ! ! !
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5 Responses to team buttercream

  1. Julie says:

    It's a gorgeous pattern, and it's going to be a gorgeous FO by the time the closing ceremonies are done- you can definitely do it!! I'm so excited for the opening ceremonies, I'm itching to cast on….

  2. The Sweatshop of Love says:

    Yay Team Buttercream! I can't wait to get started! That sweater is going to look amazing.

  3. erica-knits says:

    Woohoo! Here we go! So, I have 5cm knit in 3 hours… this is going to be hard work. We can do it! šŸ™‚

  4. Rosanna says:

    I'm a new follower, only found you about three moths ago, so I haven't seen this before but it looks beautiful. I love the colour very much! Oh and your little armchair in the background is amazing! I am dying to get one like that xx

  5. jen says:

    Rosanna, thanks! As for the chair, Luke was incredibly lucky one morning and garbage picked a pair a few years before we met. I've since claimed them to be my own.

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